The institute has well developed computerized library with around 8500 books available for providing knowledge to students under the charge of an experienced Librarian. It offers the student’s course related books, such as 630 Title of B. Ed. Books, 182 Title of D. EL.ED. Books Reference Books, Magazines, 12 Journals and Newspapers, so that the student can get updated about the market position, its demand as well as the modern era. Accessibility to these books and journals is available for 12 hrs a day. The college has a well – equipped library under the charge of an experienced Librarian.

It is spacious and comfortable, therefore, enabling the students to spend long hours easily in it. Besides journals, library gets regularly a large number of magazines, periodicals and newspaper and information bulletins of world repute. Our Library has been put on online through online Library system. Total catalogue of the Library is available on Intranet. Manual system of issue and return of books will be slowly moved to automatic computerized system.